Creating Value Through R&D

Cigarette filters are made out of cellulose acetate, and are recycled into building materials such as planks and shipping pallets within the TerraCycle cigarette butt recycling program...

Beyond turning cigarette litter into plastic - building materials, street furniture or simply use its heating value (incinerate) as a fuel for a concrete factories, why not to develop new "high-tech" intellectual property?


• Collecting only the 5% of cigarette litter generated in Spain will represent about  9,000t of raw material.
• There's a big challenge to improve the existing initiative finding new patents.
• It's still new and unexploited market.
• Universities have shown interest to join the project.

• Can we make nanofibers?!...
• According to the National Science Foundation's nanocellulose will generate $600,000 million business volume in 2020.